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Round Manaslu and up Larkya La (5.106 m)

On my first trip to Nepal I went trekking for about three weeks around the wonderful Manaslu (8.163 m and 8th on the list of the highest mountains). At this time and especially when crossing Larkya La at an altitude above 5.000 meters I started wondering, what kept me from scaling the mountains and peaks we passed on our way. 

I was also pleased to learn that my body seemed to acclimatise pretty well, experiencing no headaches or other altitude related illness. However I suffered from a bad case of Montezumas revenge, having eaten a snack I should have rejected politely. 

July 2012

Wildspitze (3.774 m)

Joining one of Deutscher Alpenvereins (DAV) alpine courses I got familiar with the use of crampons, ice axes, ropes, carabiners and assorted. knots. Our grumpy Austrian instructor predicted (while I was desperately trying to catch my breath) that I was not working hard enough to make it up a Himalayan 6.000er. I decided to prove him wrong.

As a highlight of this course and grande finale we summited Wildspitze, Austrias second highest Peak. 

November 2012

Mera Peak (6.461 m)

Even with it´s impressive altitude Mera Peak is often referred to as a "trekking peak" or a mountain at "introductory level". However only half of our 12 person climbing crew would actually make it to the top. And none of us considered the last few days before summit day "trekking".

Jagged Globe organized this expedition under the excellent leadership of Tomaz Jakofcic and a skilled team of Nepalese sherpas. This picture is my tent in High Camp, probably my coldest night of camping with temperetures well below -20 oC. And definetely the riskiest pee I ever took at night time.

April 2019

Island Peak (6.189 m)

Island Peak - and even worse: The Everest Trail - may look and feel a little overcrowded these days but I am certainly happy that I gave it a shot .

This was another Jagged Globe expedition, led by two Nepalese professionals, Gyans Tamang (standing on the summit next to me) and his sidekick Baboo Magar.  They did an amazing job and all I really want to do is to be back on a mountain trail in Nepal with those guys as soon as possible.

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